It is aimed at doctors who have little hands-on experience in reading PET/CT examinations and provides the technical and clinical basics to successfully start a career in reading PET/CT examinations. It provides knowledge on the basic PET/CT physic, technique and clinical applications in various disease categories. It provides opportunity for the participants to gain some experience in the technique and hands-on session during the PET/CT examination session. The role of FDG-PET/CT imaging in various disease entities with emphasis on oncology.

Training Methodology

Part 1
This workshop will be held over two days. Participants will have access to the following
a. Series of introductory lectures,
b. Molecular-CT reporting session
*Minimum participants – 10 people

Part 2
We'll coincide with the future PET-CT course development at the national level hosted by College of Radiology Malaysia in collaboration with UPM


The Centre will optimize her international collaborators through MOU with Milan- Bicocca University and ASEA-Europe University Network to assist in the final assessment of the candidates in this program.


Two-days of lecture series and hands-on PET/CT reading.This programme will be part of the training entity of the IAEA and EARLS accreditation for onsite PET-CT equipment in the near future


The successful participants will be acknowledged as being completed a ‘perceptorship PET/CT training’ by our centre.

*Malaysia Medical Association (MMA) Credit Point = 6